How sysprep works

To install an operating system from an image if the image was created by using a computer that has a different or incompatible Hardware Abstraction Layer HAL. Run Sidgen, and now you're broken on the domain.

What is Sysprep? What does it do? Why do we need Sysprep?

Microsoft knew this, and had seen too many "weird" things result. This determines the order in which different sections are read. For non-activated KMS clients, the activation clock can be reset only up to three times, the same as a single license. This allows us to pick and choose the actions we would like the Sysprep to perform, like choose the setup mode OOBE or Audit modechoose the generalize option and choose the shutdown option quit, reboot, or shutdown.

How to Sysprep & Capture a Windows 10 Image for Windows Deployment Services (WDS)

You will create a deployment share, configure rules and settings, and import all the applications and operating system files required to build a Windows 10 reference image. It's the part that asks for your time zone, log-in name, stuff like that. Otherwise, any changed made to the user profile will not be saved things like wallpaper, desktop icons, favorites, etc.

Cleaning the Windows Image before Sysprep during an SCCM B&C Task Sequence

The Rules tab is essentially a shortcut to edit the CustomSettings. Step 8 If you want the sysprep to prompt for a computer name you need to remove a line from your XML file. We can reboot the computer as many times as we like and it will continue to restart in Audit mode.

Configures Windows to join a workgroup. Add the setup files This section will show you how to populate the MDT deployment share with the Windows 10 operating system source files, commonly referred to as setup files, which will be used to create a reference image.

Skips the final Windows Deployment Wizard summary. For more information about this setting, see the Unattended Windows Setup Reference. Click Start, type cmd, and then click OK. We need to place a script inside the CMD file.

How to Run SysPrep on Upgraded Windows

You rule out hardware issues. Microsoft recommends that you use the SkipRearm setting if you plan on running Sysprep multiple times on a computer. This allows a user to customize their system, such as creating accounts and setting the computer name.

To run sysprep after imaging or cloning production computer for the purpose of changing the SID and computername to join the domain and make the computer unique.

Sysprep is Window's System Preparation. It functions as a tool that helps the preparation of a Window's installation. It is used for the purposes of auditing, duplication, and providing delivery. Section 4: Image before sysprep This is an optional step, however it is a lot easier down the track to restore an image of your current system to apply updates/modifications to before you run sysprep.

Sysprep mostly works on Windows 10, but certain scenarios can cause things to break. One wonders with the whole Windows as a Service initiative if there isn’t some better way of deploying Windows 10 than the approach used with earlier versions of Windows.

In Windows 10, Sysprep also includes a VM mode, which generalizes a VHD that you deploy as a VHD on the same virtual machine or hypervisor.

This mode supports rapid deployment of virtual machines. It can happen, the need of re-syspreping an already syspreped machine, why? maybe you lost your Image master.

so. you running the setup process, adding the changes you want, relocating the XML answerfile, running the sysprep with /generalize switch. the process is running for few seconds and then the sysprep window is disappeared.

well. open the sysprep log file under \sysprep. Creating a reference image is important because that image serves as the foundation for the devices in your organization. In this topic, you will learn how to create a Windows 10 reference image using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT).

You will create a deployment share, configure rules and.

How sysprep works
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How to Sysprep & Capture a Windows 10 Image for Windows Deployment Services (WDS) | Jared Heinrichs