How to write a blurb on wattpad

They also allow you to write a guest post for their blog. It felt like coming home, finding my niche in the universe of books. Stick to your genre - don't suddenly make a dramatic romantic novel sound like a thriller in your blurb.

It stimulates interest and curiosity and therefore entices the reader to buy the book. You can simply post your entire book and then ask to be. Their second is to explain the bizarre mystery they discover in the debris.

Strings, Bows, and New Books

So Leon gets the rest of the Sunrise Avenue kids on the case. If you write historical fiction, just including a time period in your blurb can greatly increase the amount of clicks your book will get. If you find any Wattpad blurbs that you LOVE, that gave you a burning desire to read the story regardless of whether the story itself was good or notpost them in the comments below so we can all see examples of good blurbs that provide strong hooks.

No one will click it. Probably never, which is encouraging. In romance, Jennifer Crusie is my absolute favorite. Some examples extracted from the full-length blurbs below: There are no rules. For more information, see my website dahayden. Because they want it now, all of it.

There are clubs you can join and threads you can comment and interact with. Once your title and cover have drawn the reader in, the blurb is what is going to make the difference between a missed opportunity and a sale.

Book Blurb Writing

Wattpad has contests like The Wattys and Wattpad Prize. I either buy my books or get them from the library. For your readers to care, they need to be intrigued not only by the story, but also by the characters. This will give you increased visibility similar to that of appearing on a bestseller list on Amazon.

You see, most writing instruction never covers how to write book blurbs. One of them is Sarah Wynde.


Sep 23,  · Of Song and Singularity Blurb Wrenna Sunden lives in the utopian world of Avalon, under the care and protection of Sophia, a personal, synthetically intelligent being that governs everything, creating harmony and peace. Nov 19,  · THIS WEEK'S CHALLENGE FINISH THE STORY At first, we thought the black liquid was oil, that we'd struck it rich and that we'd be able to retire and live in leisure.

Wattpad Harry Potter Fanfiction Reviews

We actually started writing down all the ways we'd spend the money. Our first choice was IF YOU WRITE A PIECE FOR THE CHALLENGE.

10 Top Tips on How to Write the Best Book Blurb By Ben Cameron on October 16, in Book Promotion & Marketing, Starting Self-Publishing Writing the blurb for your self-published book is one of the privileges of being an indie author. Today I’m here with Haley Sulich.

She’s the author of the newly published dystopian novel “Crimson Ash” and a developmental editor at Write Plan. Originally Posted on Wattpad Summary Eleanor "Ellie" Sanders, was an ordinary girl, where nothing exciting ever happened to her, that is until she woke up in the hospital with no memory from the last few days and a haunting memory of a pair of yellow eyes from her past.

Either write a nonfiction book or a novel, whichever is better or easier or best for liability reasons. Whenever I work on a project where I’m concerned about liability issues, the first call I make is to an intellectual property attorney, which is what I recommend you do.

How to write a blurb on wattpad
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